Monday, June 14, 2010

Your Secret's Safe With Me

When we announced that we were having baby number seven, most reactions were:

Oh My God


OH MY GOD!!!!!

These came in many different forms. Face to face reactions (my least favourite), over the phone reactions and even some Txt and e-mail OMG's. We literally only had one e-mail reply that didn't start with Oh My God -- that one started with WOW.
I realise that e-mail may not be the preferred choice of announcement for everyone. We both have large families and lots of people to inform, so e-mail is the best way for us. We tell the most important relatives and friends in person first, then follow up with the e-mail. I can assure you it is nothing like this, although I have recieved one verrrrry similar from a 'friend' in the past:

Hi everyone,

Just lettin youse know that I am preggers! Yay!!!!!!!

Hope you are all as excited as we are. We already luv our cootie pie pumpkin and we can't wait to meet him/her!!!


I can tell you now that the exact same reactions come from the reveal that we were trying to concieve. We made the mistake of telling people we were trying for another child after our twins and most people saw that as an open invitation to be rude and make stupid remarks. We have learnt our lesson and we decided not to announce when we were trying or our pregnancies until 15 weeks.
So, little blog, I am going to let you in on a little secret. We have decided to try for another baby.

Oh My God


OH MY GOD!!!!!

I am 90% this will be our last baby. My clock is ticking - I'm not getting any younger and after 16 years of babies and kids, we've decided on just one more.

I know, I know. My baby is only 3 months old! However, he is my best baby yet and an excellent sleeper and just remember, I've done this once before with twins and a newborn. Two young babies will be a breeze.*

I have had babies that take one cycle to concieve and babies that have taken more than a year. It's hard to say when or even if I will fall pregnant.

For now we are just counting our seven blessings and hoping for the best.
So, shhhh! Keep it a secret. Pinky promise?



  1. OMG! Lol just kidding. Good luck with TTC no#8 :)

  2. Your secrets safe with me. Best of luck. You are obviously a born mother, and I admire you!!
    Our friend had 8 children, and now that they're getting older, she loves to look after everyone elses babies. She would be lost without a housefull of children. She is the most motherly person I know, and everyone elses kids love her, too.
    i imagine you being just the same :-)

  3. @katiegirl Aw, thankyou Katie! I can't imagine not having babies/kids around. I actually cannot wait to be a grandmother -- but my kids don't need to know that! ;)

  4. Pinkie promise... good luck and best wishes to all of you.

  5. I think it's awesome, and I wish you all the best in trying for another! I just love even numbers. =)

  6. how wonderful! I have seven kids too with one set of twins. I am finished though but think it is great you want to have more. Enjoy!