Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad Things Happen Indoors

After school on Monday my husband and I took the younger (the baby, five year old, eight year old and 11 year old) kids to our local indoor pool. It is winter here, too cold to swim in our pool at home, so I decided to treat them to a trip to the heated pool - whirlpool, water slide, fountains - lots of fun!

While hubby was sitting with Ethan out of the pool, I decided to take the kids into the spa. There was hardly anyone around, so we had the spa to ourselves. We were splashing around and having lots of fun...


This happened:

And, no. I'm not even joking. I told the kids not to put their heads under because "you never know what is in the water". I am splashing around and then...

"Muuum, what is that on your arm?"


"THAT?! Ewwwww!!"

"Omg! Ew! *expletive *expletive"

As I peeled the disgusting band-aid from my arm I was yelling "Out! Out! Come on, we're out of here."

I think it's the fastest we've ever packed up and left.

It's true! Bad things do happen indoors...

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  1. Just dropping in from FYBF.

    Yep, bad things happen in...public swimming places. If it's not a disgusting band-aid, its a booger floating on the water. Or worse.But lets not go there...:-)