Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, teenagers

Hello. My name is Tara and I have three teenagers and one pre-teen.

People: Oh, noooooo. Teenagers? Three? How do you deal? Are they triplets? Is grunting their first language? Do they smell? Are they loud? Aren't you glad you have daughters? Will you be glad when they turn 21 and move out? Are you scared of potential daughters-in-law?

Me: Yes. Yes. I deal just fine. No. No. No. Sometimes. Yes, but no. No and No.
The word 'teenager' for most people has such a negative connotation. When mentioning that I have three teenagers, most people are shocked and ask one or more (usually more) of the questions listed above.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but my three teenagers are some of the best people I know. I'll tell you why:

  • We have great conversations. About anything. Seriously, the four of us could talk and talk for hours. Celebrities, politics, world news, school gossip, sex, happenings of our home, the baby. They are all very honest and I/they can approach them/me about anything.
  • They are an amazing help around the house. They are generally very clean. They often ask me if there are any chores that they can do. They notice when I am tired and they genuinely want to help out with the baby.

  • They don't smell and they aren't dirty. I will admit that when my boys come home from footy training they can be a bit dirty and smelly, but for the most part they are clean. Their girlfriends have both bought them cologne which they wear often -- I just looove the smell of clean boys with freshly applied cologne.*

  • They all treat their girlfriends/boyfriend with respect. I have raised them with good old fashioned manners. I didn't think my attempts at manners and etiqutie would work, but they have. They open doors, carry things, pull out chairs, bring flowers and all of that good stuff. I have often been told about how well-mannered they are.

  • They are all very close. Seeing former war enemies actually talk, laugh and get along fabulously just melts my heart. They go to each other for advice and the three of them can make a boring situation fun.

  • They aren't hard work. At all. I have often said that I prefer the teenage stage to the toddler stage. No more "Peter, please go and brush your teeth. Come on, off to bed. Oh, come on. Don't jump on the couch. Who spilt the sugar all over the floor?" They can compromise on most situations and they don't meed much that much direction.

  • They are loud, but in a fun way. To be honest, loud laughs or music doesn't bother me. I know they are having a good time and who am I to mess with that? Except. When. The. Baby. Is. Sleeping. Damnit.

  • I have two teenage boys and one teenage girl. I enjoy both genders just as much. I can talk about 'guy stuff' with my boys and go shopping and do my daughter's hair. The best of both worlds, really.

  • They make my house a happy place. I will be truly sad when they move out. They can all make such a boring thing, such as housework, fun and enjoyable. Some of the best memories are of us just hanging at home. Usually on the ground laughing at something funny that just happened.

  • My boys have fantastic girlfriends and my daughter has a lovely boyfriend. It just so happens that right now, they all are in a relationship. That doesn't bother me. I would easily have any of them as my son or daughter-in-law.**

I hope that has answered some of your negative questions about teenagers. They are lovely, really.


*Does that make me weird?

**OK, did I just say that out loud??

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  1. This is a really sweet post! It sounds like you have such a fun, lively, caring, loving home!