Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Name Game

I looove choosing names. Love it, love it, love it. I could quite happily be employed into the baby-naming business. My husband and my kids think I'm crazy. When I try to start a discussion about names (usually every night, ha!) I am met with these reactions:

Oh My God. No. Baby names? Again? Seriously?

Change of subject, pleeeease.

Um, yep. I like Zelda and Esmerelda. Now, shhh. I'm trying to watch TV.

So, unfortunately, I am left to play the name game all by myself. Boo! I am the one who trawls through books (my bible is pictured above) and suggests all of the names and luckily my husband usually agrees. We hadn't talked about names for my whole pregnancy with the twins, so when they were born, they were nameless for just over a week. Since then, we have made a conscious effort to have a name picked out and ready to go.

For the purpose of this post, I am going to share my kids' names with you. I may remove them in the future, but I will post them so you can get an idea of our "naming style". Here we go:


Ha. Kidding, of course. Although, most of my children have told me sometime during their childhood that they wanted a name change. I wonder how they'd feel with names like those.

So, we have:

(names have been removed)
Now, you won't have noticed this because I didn't until my fifth child, but we haven't doubled up on any letters for first names or middle names. So, me being me (crazy, OCD naming freak) decided to continue on with that tradition.

The letters that are left for us to work with are:

B, D, F, O, P, Q, U, V, W, Y

My favourites are (these will change on a daily basis):

Girls -

Boys -

There you have it. Thankyou blog, for being who will listen to my baby name dribble.

What? What do you mean I'm crazy for already having lists of names?


  1. You so sucked me in there... very funny! You obviously like lovely traditional names and I love your choices so far. I'm liking Piper Zoe(although it's a move away from traditional) and Oliver Zane.

  2. I like Zoë too, even had that name on my short list for our daughter. For a boy's name, I like Zachary.

    When the Mister and I were picking names, we both made a list of names we liked then compared them to see if there were any the same. You could make it a family list making game.

  3. Oooooooohhhhhhhh! I love picking and discussing baby names! This is so much fun! I liked Olivia and Oliver from your list above - I think they fit in nicely with your other children's names. Maybe pair those with Zara and Zachary for middle names?

  4. I think these names are terrific. I'm surprised you don't have at least one child who feels strongly about being involved in the name choosing!

  5. Okay, i just read your profile and am confused. You have a month-old boy and are picking names for your new baby? Do you need to update that, or will they be that close in age?