Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twilight Zone

I know what you're thinking. Eurgh. Please don't tell me she's a fan of Twilight and this is going to be a blog all about her love for R-Patz.

Don't worry. While I can appreciate that it's a good film, I'm not one of those crazy 'twi-hards'. Except apparently I am. Huh? Let me explain.

Without giving their names away, one of my kids has the name of the hottest werewolf in the movie. Another one of my kids shares the first name of the actor who plays that character. The shortened version of one of my daughters' name is also the main female character's name. Totally a coincidence.

To add to that, my middle name is actually Vampira.

Oh, just kidding. I couldn't even imagine if it was. I already get asked* if Twilight was the inspiration for my children's names. Um, hello? My kids were born long before the books and movie even came out. But yes, I'm thinking Cullen for my next child.


*especially by my 16 year old daughter's friends


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