Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mirror, mirror

Do you ever look at one of your children and think are you really mine?!

I do this all the time. My children are very different from one another but in lots of ways they are all similar. Similar to each other and similar to me and my husband. For example, we all share a love for bananas. Each and every one of us. Especially banana bread. We could live off bananas if it was possible.

We all love sport. We can all watch (and thoroughly enjoy!) a game of AFL* (Aussie Rules Football) on TV. All of my kids play some sort after school sport and I love watching them play.

We all love to dramatise things. On more than several different occasions we have been known to make a big deal out of a small situation. Let's just say in our large family, we like to be noticed...
We are always listening to music in the car. I will admit that I like mainstream music. Pretty much every song on the radio is music to my ears - except for rap. Even worse when the song is full of it. My kids love to dance and sing along to the popular songs. Except for my daughter. She has taken a liking to classical music. Neither my husband and I have every listened to nor played classical music in our house. Hmmm?

Yesterday my eight year old son asked if he could become a "meat-a-terian". This is odd because we only eat red meat about once a week and most of my children's favourite meals are vegetarian ones. Hmmm?

I am a self-confessed girly-girl. I love a bit of retail therapy and I find doing make-up and hair fun. Fun? Only me? Okay. All of my girls share this with me except for one. She is quite a tomboy and will turn her nose up at the whisper of "make-up" or "hair straightener". Hmmm?

The males of my house hate watching anything girl-related. This includes chick flicks and shows** like Glee, Gossip Girl or America's Next Top Model. My eldest son has currently become obsessed with a show that would be labelled as girly in our household - 90210. Even though he knows it, he tries his hardest to argue that it's target audience is teenage boys. Hmmm?

Even when you all like the same thing, it can get a little repetitive sometimes. Sometimes it's nice to switch Katy Perry for Andrea Bocelli. Or make-up for Nike High Tops.

Yes, sometimes it's even nice to swap a little Sex and the City for some Top Gear.

Top Gear? Did I just say that? Hmmm?

*this is a game where an oval ball (not soccer!) is to be kicked between two goal posts at both ends of the field

**except for One Tree Hill. There is an unwritten rule here that if you want to be in our family, you must love and watch it. Heh.


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