Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Seventh Heaven

I have seven kids. Seven? Yes, seven.

Firstly, I'll answer the questions that everyone wants to know when they meet me:

Oh Ma Gawd. Do you know what causes them? Yes!
Of course. Mummy and Daddy have a special hug that creates a baby. Duh.

Do you actually own a TV? Yes!
Um, hell yeah! My favourite shows are Keeping Up with The Kardashians and One Tree Hill. Shameful, I know!

Do your kids like, get any one-on-one quality time with you? Yes!
Except for my teens, of course. Because EW, why would they want to spend time with their parents?!?

Are your hands full? Yes, but so is my heart.
This is my classic, over-used line. I whip out this little gem every chance I get.

Do they each have their own rooms? Yes!
This one is usually followed by a remark like: "I knew a large family once. All the kids had to sleep in one room. Tin of sardines, I tell ya!"

Do you own a gun to keep them all in line? Yes!
Heh. Just kidding. I was actually asked this once.

My large, noisy and crazy family consists of me, myself and I (also known as Muuu-uuuuum), my lovely husband and my gorgeous children. I have 16 year old boy-girl twins, a 14 year old boy, an 11 year old girl, an eight year old boy, a five year old girl and we have recently welcomed our seventh addition - five-week-old Ethan. Oh yes, I am quite aware of the fact that my children's genders form a nice little pattern. Yes, I am also aware that "OMFG, you had a baby just over a year after you had twins?? Are you crazy, guuurl?" Thanks for that.

We had the twins when I was 21 (I'll save you the hassle of getting a calculator. I'm now 36). I will admit that they weren't planned but after the initial double shock: I'm pregnant! There's two!, we were both very excited. The twins were the best babies. So calm and chilled out. So much so, we decided to try for another. Nine months later he arrived. Life as a family of five was great, but we couldn't kick the feeling of wanting more.

Both my husband and I grew up in large-ish families, so we wanted the same for our children. Three years later my second daughter entered the world. Another three years later, I had my third son. Yet another three years later, we welcomed another girl.

Fast forward five years and our fourth son was born just over a month ago. He is snuggly, squishy and adorable and all of my kids love having him around. My teens, in particular are beyond amazing. They are so very helpful and their unfound love, care and gentleness toward him touches my heart. We are already (gasp) thinking another one. I believe my husband's exact words are:


Then again, he said that after my last two were born.

I would love to use this blog as a place to come and share some wonderful stories and memories. The little things. Things that I'm not going to remember when they all grow up.

(Which is now. My twins are 16! Sixteen! *tear* *sob* *vodka* What?)


  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Glad you decided to join the fray. Adding you to my Reader.

  3. I found you over at Mummy Time. You are too funny and full of energy (is it the drinks? They are my new go to. Ha). I'm glad you have the Q&A. You like GaGa and OTH, I figured you had to be my age. I'm 36 also. We have 4 kids and are done. I look forward to reading your adventures.